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The Grace & Tailor Team

Since we’ve welcomed a few new faces and have a shiny new website, we’d like to introduce you to the incredible Grace and Tailor staff!

We’re an industry-leading events company with over twenty years’ experience. Led by the brilliant Bobby Sagoo, we deliver incredible live and corporate events.

We’re a hard-working and approachable crew, who love putting on memorable events – of all kinds.

We are Grace and Tailor – your delivery partner.


Bobby Sagoo

Bobby’s the heart and soul of Grace and Tailor. He founded the business in 2010 and with his sage-like knowledge and easy-going nature has guided Grace and Tailor into one of the foremost events companies in the UK. He is ultra-experienced and extremely personable – if you’re in the events business, chances are you’ll know Bobby Sagoo.

Phil Davison
Phil has one of the most important jobs of all…  he’s Grace and Tailor’s resident DJ! When he’s not supplying the soundtrack to all office activity, Phil is hard at work as a Project Assistant. He’s been with us for just over two years and recently graduated from the UK Centre for Event Management with a First Class honours degree. Great stuff!

Sophie Watt
Sophie is the meticulous one. She approaches her work in a calm and collected fashion, perfectly planning every detail with an array of trusted lists. She has been a Project Manager at Grace and Tailor for just over a year.

Rebecca Davis
Rebecca is a go-getter. She’s been with us as a Junior Project Manager for roughly a year and her enthusiasm shows no sign of slowing. She keeps the pace of the office at the top speed with charismatic quips and her infectious personality.

Hannah Sullivan
Hannah joined Grace and Tailor at the start of the year as our Operations Manager. Pragmatic, capable, with an incredible ability to multi-task, Hannah’s a true team-player. She’s constantly on the ball and ensures the team are firing on all cylinders, all the time. After a hard weeks work, you’ll find Hannah beaming with a glass of wine in hand. Cheers!

Helen Firth
Helen is our accounts expert. She’s been a part of Grace and Tailor since it’s first year in business! Her no-nonsense approach to her work and wealth of experience stands us in good stead. What’s her secret?… Diet Coke (that and an impeccable knowledge of accounting).

Kirsty Dodds
Kirsty is the latest addition to the Grace and Tailor team. She started only last week as Business Development Manager and has hit the ground running. She is super sociable, very organised and, much like one of Helen’s Diet Coke’s, has made an instant, energising impact.

Jati Sagoo
Jati is one of the newer members of the team, having joined Grace and Tailor at the start of the year. He is our Warehouse Manager so Jati’s life is logistics, logistics, logistics. He’s a quick-witted chap with an answer for everything – this resourcefulness has led him to start training as our very own in-house Technical Production Assistant.

Jak Jobson
Jak is our brand new placement student from the UK Centre for event Management. He joined the team last month and will be learning and contributing to the team all year. Outgoing and determined, Jak has immediately gelled with the whole team. We’re looking forward to seeing what Jak can bring to the group.

Not sure where to start with your event?

Now that you’ve met the team, feel free to give us a call or pop into the office to discuss your upcoming event.

Whether it’s hiring a microphone or putting on a festival – we can help.

Grace and Tailor – setting the stage, whatever the stage