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How To Make A Head Start on Your Event Planning for 2020

The New Year is right around the corner and if you have events in the pipeline for 2020 then now is the perfect time to get ahead and start putting plans in place to ensure success!

Here at Grace and Tailor, we’re already working closely with our clients on the visioning and organisation of their 2020 events, and we’re happy to share our top tips for success with you….

Set an event budget

The budget you have for your event will, of course, influence many of the decisions you make during visioning, planning and delivery. That being said, there is a common misconception that your budget will be the key limiting factor in your event planning, which is often the reason many people avoid focusing on budget early on.

In fact, we believe it’s hugely beneficial to think about your budget early on and to continue to revisit it throughout the process of bringing your event to life. Doing so will allow you to maximise your resources and make the best possible impact.

Although no budget is limitless, we want to illuminate the possibilities for our clients and focus on opportunities rather than limitations. You can read more of our expert advice on managing your event budget in this article.

Establish clear timescales

Getting a head start on your event planning will make it much easier for you to manage time and resources throughout the entire process, which in turn will help you to stay within budget and deliver the impact you envision. So, start putting in place timescales and deadlines at this early stage and be sure to communicate these clearly with everyone involved in the event.

But remember, your timeline doesn’t have to be set in stone. Flexibility is key to all event delivery and it is important that you’re willing to make adjustments if necessary; just be sure to communicate any changes that are made to all parties involved.

Consider partnering with an experienced events agency

There are many moving parts involved in delivering a successful event and a number of key elements that can benefit from specialist input and management.

Careful consideration in the early stages of event visioning will enable you to identify any gaps that might exist in your team’s knowledge or skills, such as health and safety, contract negotiations, entertainment booking, marketing and so on. Identifying these gaps early on will allow you to budget accordingly and source the expert support you will need to deliver your event.

Here at Grace and Tailor, we are more than happy to discuss your vision in the conception stages and work with you to put the appropriate support in place. You may only need additional support with certain elements, or you might be looking for full end-to-end management. In either scenario, we are willing and equipped to help.

If you’d like to discuss your upcoming events with the Grace and Tailor team, please feel free to get in touch.