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Looking Back at An Eventful Summer

There is never a dull moment here at Grace & Tailor and this summer has been no different! It really has been action packed, with the team working on a multitude of fantastic events around the country and beyond. Here’s a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes and the busy summer we’ve had, through the eyes of our current placement students, Molly and Andy.
Here’s what Molly had to say about her summer with Grace & Tailor:
“My summer with G&T has been one which I will never forget. After completing a range of events including the Made in Leeds Festival, Cocoon in the Park and Leeds Pride and having the UCI Road World Championships 2019 to come, I am really appreciative of my time here so far. I have really enjoyed seeing the events come together and taking part in the live event dates. I have taken part in jobs which I never thought I would ever be able to do and I’ve created so many memories in the process! If someone would have said to me this time last year that I would be putting fencing up, painting bar decks, creating many many many checklists, be on the stage with some of the biggest DJ’s in Europe and taking care of my beloved radios and radio allocation lists, I would have laughed in their face (nicely) but this is the extent of the job and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!  
Every day is different and you never know what to expect, especially when you are on site. I have loved learning new things and taking part in a range of events and jobs. One of my highlights has been meeting everyone who has a part in the planning of an event, the live event and the de-rig because without them there it wouldn’t be possible.
I absolutely love our team as well, we never fail to have a laugh (or a good drink) and when you are in an emotionally demanding and physically demanding job (4 hours sleep) it is still great that we are all there to pick each other up. We have had some super trips including the races, where I won a phenomenal £35 (a personal highlight) and a great night out afterwards.
And it’s also great achievement to be the funniest placement student 😊
I am never afraid to ask for help and I have grown so much as a person throughout these few months which couldn’t have been possible without such a great team!”
Molly is currently studying for a BA International Tourism Management at Leeds Beckett University.
And here’s Andy’s take on his summer with Grace & Tailor:
“It’s been a busy Summer with G&T. The first job I was involved with was Made in Leeds, which I feel was a nice introduction to the festival scene. After that, it was straight in at the deep end with Cocoon in the Park, a much larger festival, but I enjoyed it because it’s similar to many of the events I go to, so it was nice to experience it from the other side.
Next, we had a trip to Blackburn with the team for Wonderwood Festival, which was fun but had its challenges. We had a heatwave for the build, which left us feeling positive for going in to the live event. However, our happy smiles were quickly demolished by non-stop rain on the live day, turning the site into a mud bath! Despite all that jazz, it turned out to be a good experience for me, as I was given the responsibility of site managing the derig. I was pretty apprehensive about doing this at first because it was not something I had done before and I knew the mud would cause a lot of issues but, with a little bit of assistance, I managed to get everything off site without having to book any extra nights in the hotel and I gained a lot of experience!
The best thing about working in the G&T team in general, is the stick that everyone gives to each other. If you can give it, you best had be able to take it! It makes work so much easier, as everyone works hard but still manages to have a laugh, even when you are 20hrs deep into a graveyard shift on 6 hours sleep!
The management team are also always willing to help in any situation (especially helping you get drunk on staff nights out), making it easy to approach anyone for support!
I am currently working as the Principal Contractors Assistant for the UCI Road World Cycling Championships. Despite the struggles of the 5am alarm, I am extremely grateful to be working at this event, as not many other placement students would ever get a chance to gain this sort of experience.
This will be closely followed by a trip to Mint Festival towards the end of September. I am excited to be involved in putting this one together, because previously I have been a loyal attendee to this festival and a big fan of the music!”
Andy is currently studying for a BA Event Management at Leeds Beckett University.
Well, what a Summer it has been!
Of course, the hard work and fun doesn’t stop there as the G&T team continues to support our clients and deliver fantastic events all year round. We have lots to look forward to over the coming months and we look forward to sharing more insights and experiences with you.