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Delivering event success, whatever the weather

Working in the event industry there is one inescapable truth – if it can go wrong, it will go wrong – especially where weather conditions and outdoor events are concerned! Luckily, difficult weather conditions don’t have to mean disaster for your event. There are a number of steps you can take during planning and event delivery to mitigate risks associated …

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corporate festival

5 Tips To Make Your 2020 Events Exceptional

Here at Grace and Tailor we never settle for the ordinary. We are always looking for new and creative ideas to transform our clients’ events into extraordinary occasions and, in this blog post, we’re sharing our top tips to help you do the same for your 2020 events 1. Host your event in a film set You might not realise …

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How To Make A Head Start on Your Event Planning for 2020

The New Year is right around the corner and if you have events in the pipeline for 2020 then now is the perfect time to get ahead and start putting plans in place to ensure success! Here at Grace and Tailor, we’re already working closely with our clients on the visioning and organisation of their 2020 events, and we’re happy …

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5 Key Steps For Planning A Conference

Planning a conference isn’t easy but, when done right, it will have a fantastic impact on your business! The key is in the planning, a process you should begin at least six to twelve months in advance, depending on the size of your event. If you’re planning to hold a conference in 2020 then now really is the time to …

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Insights; Intro to sustainability for events

Sustainability is currently a ‘hot’ topic. We believe it’s our responsibility as an organisation to do all we can to reduce waste. Our clients, and the attendees of our events, care just as much as we do about our impact on the environment and expect a certain level of effort to reduce that. When we deliver an event that’s clearly …

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Inspired; Corporate Events – Take it outdoors

Corporate events have changed. Gone are the days of the hyper-formal, sedentary conference or the slightly-awkward annual award ceremony, we live in the world of the unconference, the internal Ted Talk and the wellness weekend. There’s a constantly growing toolbox at your disposal to create memorable experiences for your attendees. Whatever the purpose of the event and whoever the event …

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5 tips to deliver a successful corporate event

A well-orchestrated corporate event can create a real impact for your business. Whether it’s launching a new product or service, celebrating a milestone, or an annual event such as a conference; planning and producing every aspect thoroughly can help present your business in the best light to clients and employees. We’ve been involved with delivering so many amazing corporate events, …

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5 things you didn’t know about events Health and Safety

Health & Safety is an enormous part of delivering any event. Huge amounts of preparation and planning goes into making sure everyone can enjoy themselves safely. You can’t put on a show stopping event without first having a detailed, thorough health & safety plan. It’s probably the most amount of work that’s put into something that you don’t want to …

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