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5 Tips To Make Your 2020 Events Exceptional

Here at Grace and Tailor we never settle for the ordinary. We are always looking for new and creative ideas to transform our clients’ events into extraordinary occasions and, in this blog post, we’re sharing our top tips to help you do the same for your 2020 events

1. Host your event in a film set

You might not realise it, but film sets can be hired and they make for a truly unique venue for your event!

Many film production companies are keen to reduce their waste and will jump at the opportunity for their set to be recycled or reused for an event.  Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, you could also end up with a gold mine of props at your disposal!

Securing a whole set can be a real coup but it’s always important to consider event safety so you will need to make sure that the set is fit for your purpose. One key consideration is to ensure that any structures or raised platforms are able to hold adequate weight. Film sets are often made to accommodate a small crew, as few as 20 people, and may need additional reinforcement if you intend to have hundreds of people walking on it. Even with the additional costs associated with this, it can still prove to be a highly cost-effective solution.

2. Involve your staff in immersive and participatory events

Increasingly, event producers are relying on technological developments, such as Virtual Reality, to create an impact, but technology is not the only way to create a stand out event.

One solution, which is simple yet effective, is to encourage your staff to get involved with your event entertainment. For example, you might have a DJ or a band amongst the midst of your employees; why not invite them to provide the entertainment? It’s a great way to bring your team together… seeing ‘John from accounts’ rocking out on stage will engage even the most cynical staff members!

3. Transformative lighting

Imagine walking into a room that then changes and transforms in front of your eyes.

Clever lighting and creative design can help you achieve exactly that! With the right combination of lighting technology, AV and classic stage effects it is possible to transform your event theming in seconds.

4. Bring the festival vibe to your corporate event

Festival-style events are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world, offering a fantastic way of delivering an event that achieves your business objectives but is also thoroughly engaging.

Creating a laid-back setting with excellent entertainment is a great way to engage employees, staff or prospective clients.

This could mean taking your event outdoors, adding a choice of street food vendors and where possible multiple stages or zones. This allows people to pick their own agenda and wander in and out of areas rather than the classic seminar, seminar, seminar lunch, seminar, seminar dinner format.

5. Make the most of insights from event data

Perhaps you have heard of radio-frequency identification or RFID? RFID is the technology that makes your contactless bank card work. As the technology has become cheaper and more advanced over the past few years, it has opened up new possibilities for event managers to capture real-time analytics.

There are many applications of this technology in the event space including being able to tell where your attendees are to assist with event safety management, along with knowing what the attendees are spending their money on and how much time they spend in an area. Many valuable insights can now be gained and can then be used to create more impactful events.

So there you have it, 5 pro tips to help take your events from ordinary to extraordinary! Of course, we have many more tricks up our sleeves and our expert team is always on hand to help you develop the vision for your event and deliver exceptional results.