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Delivering event success, whatever the weather

Working in the event industry there is one inescapable truth – if it can go wrong, it will go wrong – especially where weather conditions and outdoor events are concerned!

Luckily, difficult weather conditions don’t have to mean disaster for your event. There are a number of steps you can take during planning and event delivery to mitigate risks associated with adverse weather and give your event the best possible chance of going ahead whatever the weather.

Make sure your event won’t be blown away by high wind speeds

Wind speed is one of the prevailing weather conditions that can lead to event cancellations in the UK.

It’s particularly important to ensure that any outdoor structures, include marquees, tents and gazebos, will be able to cope with high windspeeds. Your event is only as secure as the weakest structure and therefore it’s worth investing in high-quality, wind-tested structures. Although they may cost more, the investment is absolutely worthwhile if it means that your event can go ahead when otherwise it may have been cancelled.

It is also key to consider your event location, as an exposed location can lead to increased risk if high winds become an issue. For example, costal locations are notorious for being affected by high winds due to the lack of natural wind barriers. That’s not to say that you cannot host an event in these locations, but you will likely need stronger contingencies in place. A sensible step is to check historic weather data for the time of year your event will be held and, if possible, choose a location with natural wind breaks so that you are working with nature rather than against it.

The Grace and Tailor team can offer guidance on your wind management plan so please feel free to get in touch.

Don’t get stuck in the mud

If there’s one thing that’s associated with outdoor events in the UK it’s mud!

For some, it’s all part of the fun but muddy conditions can cause issues that affect event safety and security so it’s vital to plan for this.

A track or dirt road will often hold up just fine on day one of an event but after thousands of attendees have walked, danced and driven on your site it is possible to end up with an impassable area, which can have a knock-on effect on overall security & safety plans. For example, an ambulance could be minutes away but unable to reach the patient.

Here are 5 key things that you must consider if mud could present an issue at your outdoor event:

  1. Use trackway that is fit for purpose – pedestrian trackway will not help mitigate damage caused by vehicles.
  2. Ensure that you have a contingency of unused trackway in case you need to create new routes if required.
  3. Avoid placing trackway on low lying areas as these areas will naturally act as drainage.
  4. Ensure you follow manufacturers’ guidance on installation, particularly that the track is joined together. When vehicles drive on unconnected trackway the track tends to slip out of position causing damage to the grass underneath.
  5. Where possible create a one-way system or passing points to ensure vehicles can pass each other without having to leave the trackway.

Avoiding a washout

Flooding is become an increasing problem in the UK, with the country continuing to experience record levels of rainfall in many areas year after year.

Of course, heavy rainfall can compound the problem of muddy ground but it also poses potential problems for events that are on hard ground. Here are 3 key considerations that you should make during event planning:

  1. Pick sites with good natural drainage.
  2. Have a pump (or several) on-site so that you can redirect water that pools in unwanted areas.
  3. Ensure that you have a comprehensive power/cable plan that takes into account where water is likely to collect.

Outdoor events certainly come with their fair share of challenges, not just bad weather, but many of the risks that we have talked about in this blog post can be mitigated with advanced planning and we’re here to help. Please feel free to speak to one of the Grace & Tailor team to find out how we can support.