Inspired; amazing ways you can use an LED screen for your event

Inspired; amazing ways you can use an LED screen for your event

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  • January 30, 2019

Amazing ways you can use an LED screen for your event

We know it can sometimes be difficult to visualise the outcome when trying to design the look and feel of an event. Particularly when you’re not one hundred percent sure of the possibilities.

In our latest blog series, we look at some of the incredible experiences you can create using top quality production equipment. The first looks at all the ways you can use a big LED screen to elevate an event to the next level.

A 36m2 flexible LED screen is one of the newest pieces of equipment we’ve acquired, and we’ve already used it in many different ways. Whether at private parties showing high quality video footage, to live sports events broadcasting the action to people around the ground where the action can’t be seen, there are an incredible number of uses for this versatile and visually impressive piece of equipment.

Here’s a rundown of some eye-catching examples of what can be done, why it’s useful and how you could use it for your event.

1. Beaming Back

At massive live events like music festivals, huge gigs and sports events, the ability to beam back footage of the action is a widely used and effective tool for engaging the entire audience throughout the event.

Setting up a big LED screen halfway back through a crowd allows every attendee to see and be engaged in the act. Equally, at say, a live cricket match where much of the action Is a fair distance from the crowd, big screens are invaluable in allowing everyone around the ground to see every detail of the action.

2. Interactivity

Any opportunity that allows attendees to actively interact with a speaker is a valuable tool at any event. Particularly at corporate events like conferences where it’s essential to keep attendees excited and engaged for longer periods of time.

An LED screen can be used to display a live feed from social media or linked via an app to allow delegates to vote on certain subjects or discussion points.

3. Stage backdrops

This piece of equipment is highly versatile; LED screens can be used as stage backdrops for live performances, you can use multiple screens and split them into different sized modules, or even use an LED screen to create flooring visuals.

The modular nature of LED screens means that they can be split into strips, small squares or, in some cases (like the one we have) can be wrap around to create a 360° cylinder.

4. Make an impact

When used to their full potential, a piece of production equipment can become somewhat of a cult phenomenon. Apple’s use of visuals when launching new products has become legendary and, for some, almost as exciting as the new products themselves.

5. Top quality branding

LED screens have incredibly high resolution to make sure your branded graphics and videos look absolutely of the highest quality – they’re the perfect promotional tool for big impressive branded logos and motion graphics.

Whatever your budget you can use these phenomenal examples as inspiration for your event or try to push the boundaries even further. Either way, we can help.

If you’re looking for advice for your next event, one of our team would be happy to discuss what you need. To speak to our team – get in touch.