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NEBOSH – what is it and why is it so valuable?

Health and safety (or NEBOSH) aren’t necessarily words that conjure up glamorous images but, as we all know, it’s imperative for any activity within the workplace.

In the events industry, health and safety comes into play on every single occasion. It’s a vital part of the planning, it’s a huge consideration for logistics, and is a major part in the delivery of any event, whether it’s a small corporate conference for 25 attendees or an enormous festival with a footfall of 500,000.

Last month two of our Project Managers, Bex and Sophie, successfully became NEBOSH qualified. For anyone in the event industry, or even professionals in other lines of work, who might wonder why this is kind of a big deal, here are some fun NEBOSH facts…

What is NEBOSH?


NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety) is an awarding body that offers a range of globally-recognised courses for a variety of industries.

Essentially, the qualifications are designed to give candidates the necessary know-how to effectively carry out health and safety responsibilities.

Why is a NEBOSH qualification so useful?


NEBOSH qualifications are recognised all over the world as the gold standard in health and safety training, opening up a world of opportunity for those working in multi-national organisations or hoping to work abroad. For us, the ability to showcase our level of expertise in health and safety with clients abroad is invaluable.

“All our events require the knowledge and the majority of our events require the certification. For any event where we go into a large space like the NEC, EXCEL, ACC etc. NEBOSH is a standard requirement, while all of our outside live events requires a NEBOSH certified safety officer.”

-Rebecca Davis, Project Manager, Grace & Tailor

How long did it take to complete the NEBOSH  qualification?

“Our study started in the middle of October – we had two weeks in the classroom learning the content and we took the exams at the end of November so we had just over a month to make sure we knew everything. I think we must have spent over 100 hours studying… but it was worth the hard work in the end!”

– Sophie Watt, Project Manager, Grace & Tailor

Is it something that’s valuable for employees outside of the events industry?


NEBOSH qualifications are recognised in all industries. In fact, 92% of HSE job advertisements in 2017 requested some form of NEBOSH qualification and/or IOSH membership as an essential requirement, not only highlighting the importance of health and safety in the modern workplace but the potential job opportunities available for those who hold a NEBOSH qualification.

Skills like risk management, practical application of health and safety, and monitoring workplace hazards are invaluable for a variety of roles.

At Grace & Tailor, career development for our staff is imperative. In working towards this NEBOSH qualification, not only have Sophie and Bex cemented their applicable knowledge for health and safety at all future Grace & Tailor events, but they have also gained an incredibly valuable asset in the advancement of their careers, whatever their future path may be.

If you’re curious about health and safety for an event or are looking for opportunities within the events industry we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with a member of our team, today.