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Inspired; 2019 Event Industry Trends

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  • March 15, 2019

We’re looking ahead to what’s going on with event industry trends and what should be top of the priority list for event professional this year. From our own experience and research into events, we’ve put together a list of the big things we’re expecting in 2019.

Innovation in AV

Tech advancements are always a catalyst for big improvements in client experience. This year we’re seeing some incredible new technology in the audio-visual world.

L’Acoustics L-ISA & D&B Soundscapes

These two top-tier sound tech providers have pushed the boundaries of sound recording, live show experiences and mixing with revolutionary software and more powerful processing hardware.

The use of L’acoustics L-ISA Immersive sound technology has been making huge waves in the industry, with Alt-J and BBC Proms at the forefront of their application.

The reviews of Alt-J’s Royal Albert performance say it all:

The Evening Standard, reported that L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound “literally caused heads to turn when the synth pulse of ‘Hunger Of The Pine’ began to blip across the space.”

While The Telegraph noted the choral sounds as ‘Pleader’ built to its climax were “astonishing” with a final simple statement that “This is progress.”

The innovations of the D&B Soundscape team have earned them a dedicated stage at WOMAD 2019. They’ve received similarly outstanding reviews for the ability to enhance the experience for every single audience member regardless of where they’re placed in a 900 square metre marquee and stage setup.

“It was immediately clear that Soundscape has the ability to place each musician in the mix exactly as you see them on stage. But the most striking thing was that this localization works for everyone in the audience, wherever they’re standing.”

– Ben Findlay, Sound engineer

Both of these new technologies were released last year and we expect will be snapped up all around the industry in 2019.

Standout Stage Design

The stage is the centrepiece for any live event. It can be used as a powerful focal point; somewhere your attendees can refer back to and dedicate the majority of their attention to. The key to a truly exceptional stage design is the marrying of the tried and tested staple set design techniques with modern technology.

In the tech department, the big players to look out for are progressive. New lighting techniques and 3D projection mapping are being used to create those incredible, jaw-dropping moments. Influences can be taken from all over, we love this performance art project, Hakanaï – very inspiring stuff!

Hakanaï / trailer from Adrien M & Claire B on Vimeo.


Embrace the outdoors

Finding ways to inject some fresh air into corporate events is high on the agenda for 2019. Not only can embracing the outdoors breathe new life into standard and slightly formulaic conference-style events, but it could also have a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of attendees. We’re keen to explore this avenue to create more engaging, impactful and enjoyable corporate occasions. Incorporating outdoor elements into an event is a great way to keep it energised.

In an interview with Eventbrite, Amber Holdforth of Altitude London explained:

“We’re keen to see event formats adapt to draw on the advantages that come with leaving the office and changing your environment. This means ditching the long, drawn-out sessions which keep guests glued to their seats all day and increasing social interaction among delegates.”

A super-engaging event environment.

Encouraging the audience to be as sociable as possible is a big theme for 2019. Creating a thoughtful agenda that brings together environment changes, creative set design and the latest in emerging technology is something to definitely watch out for.

Using modular staging to create a non-traditional shape or multiple stages can make an event much more engaging.

With smart technology constantly improving the way we interact with our surroundings, there’s huge scope for using this to enhance events. Transforming one big space into multiple smaller spaces, each having a different feel and interactive purpose, can really ramp up the experience for delegates. Encouraging attendees to collaborate and interact with the event space can offer them so much more and help them to connect more deeply with the purpose of your event.

Inspired to take the experience of your next event to new heights? Get in touch and we can advise you on how to make the most impactful event possible.